Saturday, November 20, 2010

PopQuiz Bible Trivia: Who Was the 12th Apostle? Paul or Matthias?

While I was looking for this previous entry:
Apostle Paul's Missionary Travels
(containing additional reference material in relation to today's text discussion), I was reminded of a thought-provoking question that a new Bible student quizzed me on regarding Paul's "apostleship"...wanting further clarification on the subject.
(Which led to some very interesting research since I hadn't even thought of this until I was inquired about it).

So, it's time to test your "advanced" Bible knowledge, with the same trivia question:

Q:Who did Jesus choose to replace Judas Iscariot as the 12th Apostle?
-Paul or Matthias?

(some facts to ponder):
-In the account at (Acts 1:15-26), Peter addresses the other apostles & disciples among the newly established Christian congregation on the matter, in order to come to a decision regarding who would replace the apostleship of Judas Iscariot. So they "cast lots" between 2 disciples, Justus and Matthias, and the lot fell to Matthias.

-However, at (Romans 1:1), Paul refers to himself as being called by holy spirit and Christ to be an "apostle to the nations," and at (Acts 9:15), Jesus declares that Saul is his "chosen vessel" to bear witness to the nations.

So, was Matthias really Jesus' choice to replace Judas as the 12th apostle?...or did the other apostles & disciples "jump the gun" and appoint the wrong person? Was Matthias just a temporary replacement to fill the vacancy until Paul came on the scene?
Was Matthias the permanent choice to be the 12 apostle, while Paul's apostleship was additional and distinct from the other 12 apostles?

*Good question eh? I'll give the answer in an upcoming post*