Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trapped Miners in Chile Getting Rescued After 69 Days...

Here's the latest info on the Chile mine rescue efforts, which started last night, and is currently still in progress...
CNN: Chile Mine Rescue

One of the miners, Samuel Avalos, is a Witness, and thanked Jehovah for being alive in a letter written to his family at the beginning of the ordeal. Here's a blog entry with a photo of him, posted by another JW back in August.
Trapped Chilean Miner Grateful To Jehovah

On CNN they gave a collective quote in behalf of the 33 miners, who said, that there were really 34 people down in the mine, (not 33), because they felt God never left them. And now that I know more about the religious backrounds of the men trapped for 69 days together, I bet there were some very *lively* discussions that took place! One of the miners actually requested to have crucifixes and statues of Mary & other saints sent down so he could make a shrine!
(I hate to burst his spiritual bubble, but when you're praying for God to rescue you out of a life or death situation, that's definitely not the best time to be violating his clear prohibition on idolatry!) lol.

Speaking of other religions...apparently a few different religious groups or leaders, are *angling* for the media spotlight already, and claiming credit for the miraculous rescue:
Chilean Miners: Rival Churches Claim Credit for the Miracle

Did anyone else have a "deja-vu" moment while watching the rescue efforts, after reading the new Jeremiah book? (which was just released at our last district convention). I wonder if the brother trapped in the mine had gotten the opportunity to read it,...because I bet he can *really* relate to what Jeremiah went through when he was trapped in the miry cistern, and about to die, but was saved by Ebed-melech and his 'rescue team' just in the nick of time.

Look at this illustration from pg 63 of the new book...even the size of the cistern that Jeremiah is being rescued out of looks like the size of the opening in the ground that the miners are being rescued out of. They should have named the rescue capsules "Ebed-melech" or "Jeremiah" instead of "Phoenix"! =) lol