Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Group" Avenues of Witnessing

I decided to divide this into 2 categories: "individual" witnessing experiences, and "group" experiences. So this post will show examples of congregation "group effort" when it comes to different avenues of witnessing...

Stockholm, Sweden:
Example of "street witnessing," using a literature display

Georgia, United States:
The Dacula Congregation in Georgia, arranged to have a literature booth setup at the local "Gwinnett County Fair" with both English and Spanish publications available. They came in contact with individuals who were curious about our beliefs and wanted to learn more, as well as individuals who had previously been contacted or studied with Jehovah's Witnesses in the past, and were surprised to see them "on exhibition" at the fair!
There were about 30 or more individuals who requested a personal visit at their homes or by correspondence. In addition, the literature which was placed amounted to: 350 magazines, 96 Books, 15 Bibles, and 10 CDs.

the following experience from Bolivia (on pg 49 of the 2009 Yearbook), is an example of pioneers conducting a "group" Bible study in a rather unusual setting...

Bolivia, South America:
Preaching in the Amazon region of Bolivia is both challenging and rewarding. A group of ten pioneer brothers and sisters—squeezed into a small outboard motorboat packed with tents, cooking pots, and many boxes of Bible literature—traveled about 500 miles on the Beni River from Rurrenabaque to Riberalta. They visited more than 70 isolated communities and placed over 800 books as well as brochures and tracts. They demonstrated about 700 Bible studies to interested people and returned to conduct studies with more than 200 of them. When the Witnesses were leaving the villages, a comment they often heard from people was, "Can you stay and study with us just a little more?" In one small town, a man was very insistent and was upset that the Witnesses were leaving, because he wanted to keep studying with them. He said: "You have cut down the tree. Now you need to carve and polish it."