Sunday, September 5, 2010

daily text 9/5

Sunday, September 5th, 2010
"The fields . . . are white for harvesting" (John 4:35)

A farmer sows seed with a view to reaping a harvest. Similarly, we need to preach with a view to starting Bible studies. What, though, if you regularly spend time in the field ministry but find few people at home or seem unable to contact your return visits again? This can be frustrating. Should you give up on the door-to-door ministry? Certainly not! Many people are still contacted first via this time-tested method of preaching. But have you tried other ways of reaching people? For example, have you tried witnessing to people on the street or at their places of employment? Could you contact people by telephone or obtain the phone numbers of those with whom you have already shared the Kingdom message so that you can stay in touch with them? By showing perseverance and adaptability in your ministry, you will experience the joy of finding individuals who will favorably respond to the Kingdom message.
(Watchtower issue: 9/15/09, 2:9-11)

I recently heard an indepth discussion on this topic, which was presented from a *literal* agricultural perspective,...and it helped me gain a clearer understanding about our responsibility when it comes to the *spiritual* harvest work. The speaker pointed out that a farmer has a different task to perform during the final "harvest" stage of the growing season, in comparison with the initial "sowing" stage.
When a farmer is scattering his seed, he is more concerned with even, widespread coverage, in order to increase the chance for growth.
But during the harvest season, a farmer's task becomes far more urgent and labor intensive. It also requires a more focused and determined effort to finish gathering all the remaining crops while they're still ripe for harvesting. If the farmer procrastinates or is willy-nilly about getting the job done, will be too late. The harvest will be over, his crops will be spoiled, and he will have lost his "window of opportunity"
-Which shows why we need to make a determined effort when it comes to our participation in the "spiritual harvest."
Plants are replaceable...people aren't.