Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Is Qualified to Rule the World?

World Rulers (illustration on pg 128 of 'Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy!')

Today's text reminded me of two good audio talks (which I just uploaded) that ties in really well with the subject matter...

Overcoming Fear of the Future

Why Take Refuge in Jehovah?
-This is an awesome talk by a brother from the missionary branch in Malawi, who has such a unique accent and animated way of speaking ... I love it! =)
I originally got a copy of it on video, (along with a great slideshow of the work being done in Malawi which I don't have uploaded yet), but this is the audio version of the same talk.
FYI-in case you're wondering what he's doing in the backround during one part of the talk (since you can't see it)...he's crumpling up pieces of paper to illustrate the damage of sin and imperfection that we inherited from Adam and Eve