Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sister Attacked in the Ministry, Yet Undeterred

(Ketevan in the ministry - photo and following experience on pg 47 of the 2007 Yearbook)

Pioneers have been witnessing in the isolated mountain regions of the country of Georgia. Two pioneer sisters walked five miles [8 km] to a remote village located at the end of a mountain road and began preaching from house to house. Soon one of the older men of the village accosted Ketevan, one of the sisters, and demanded that she explain why she was preaching when she was not Orthodox. She tried to explain, but he would not listen. He then knocked her down and beat her with his cane. A number of people saw the beating, and the incident became widely known in the village. Later, Ketevan returned to preach in the same village. A woman who was previously opposed saw her and exclaimed: “You’re back here again after the beating you received! I’m amazed at your courage! Please come into my home and tell me more.” After listening, she said that Ketevan was welcome to visit her home anytime to preach to her.

And that was a very *mild* example of the type of opposition that our brothers & sisters have experienced in the country of Georgia. Take a look at this long list of instances which have taken place there, along with the video accounts of the opposition and persecution they've experienced:
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