Sunday, August 15, 2010

daily text 8/15

FYI - check back later because I didn't get to finish working on my post yesterday which has some really encouraging experiences of brothers and sisters who endured opposition to their ministry but didn't give up.

Sunday, August 15th, 2010
"A man casts the seed upon the ground" (Mark 4:26)

Who is the sower spoken of in Mark 4:26-29? Some in Christendom believe that this refers to Jesus himself. But how could it be said that Jesus sleeps and does not know how the seed grows? Surely Jesus is aware of the growth process! Rather, this sower represents individual Kingdom proclaimers, those who sow the Kingdom seed by their zealous preaching activity. The seed that is cast to the ground is the word that they preach. Notice that the emphasis is on growth and on the gradual way in which it occurs. "Of its own self the ground bears fruit gradually, first the grass-blade, then the stalk head, finally the full grain in the head." (Mark 4:28) This growth occurs gradually and in stages. It cannot be forced or speeded up. The same is true of spiritual growth. This occurs in stages as Jehovah allows the truth to grow in the heart of a person who is rightly disposed.—Acts 13:48; Hebrews 6:1.
(Watchtower issue: 7/15/08, 3:13, 14, 16)