Thursday, July 1, 2010

Theodore Jaracz Memorial Program

Here is the memorial program for Br. Jaracz, who passed away a few weeks ago, (for anyone who hasn't seen it), and down below, I posted a link to a talk I uploaded which he gave awhile back if you wanna hear his voice again...

on a side note - the interesting thingabout the theme of this talk (which Br Jaracz gave back in 1995), is how accurate the information is, in regard to what we see happening more and more frequently when it comes to religion. World events have been steadily moving in that direction lately.
For instance, read this article:
Pope deplores Belgian sex raids, stresses autonomy ...which discusses the Pope's strong reaction to the manner in which investigations are being conducted when it comes to all these allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct by the clergy. The fact that government officials are actually raiding the personal residences of clergy members, and seizing computers, cellphones and private files, shows that they no longer have the same respect for the Church that they used to, and are not willing to show any tolerance or leniency anymore. In fact, even the Church itself is starting to recognize that there is something very different happening now, because the article makes a statement that:"...Vatican official said the raids were unprecedented even under communism."