Tuesday, June 1, 2010

daily text 6/1

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
"[Jehovah's] eyes examine the sons of men." (Psalm 11:4)

No servant of Jehovah is ever truly alone. Our Father lovingly watches over us. How pleased Jehovah must be when he sees you resisting temptation! Do not trade your precious integrity for the shameful act of looking at or reading pornography! We can also be integrity keepers by obeying Jehovah when we are among unbelievers. Think of Daniel and his three companions. As youths, they were taken as captives to Babylon. There, surrounded by unbelievers who knew little or nothing of Jehovah, the four Hebrews were put under pressure to eat delicacies that God's Law forbade. Those boys might easily have rationalized a course of compromise. After all, their parents, the elders, and the priests could not see what the four of them were doing. Who would know? Jehovah himself would. So they took a firm stand and obeyed him despite the pressure and the risk.—Daniel 1:3-9
(Watchtower issue: 12/15/08, 2:7, 8)

I just realized something ... First of all, did you ever notice in the account about Daniel just how long this went on? It says:

"the king appointed a daily allowance from the delicacies of the king and from his drinking wine, even to nourish them for three years." (Daniel 1:5)

So Daniel and his 3 companions were surrounded by this temptation every day for 3 years. But the account also says that Daniel determined *ahead of time* not to compromise his beliefs, rather than waiting until the temptation was put in his face.

"Daniel determined in his heart that he would not pollute himself with the delicacies of the king and with his drinking wine." (Daniel 1:8)

But there's one other part of that account that I never thought about before. Why did Daniel refuse the wine, when Israelites were allowed to drink wine? (unless you were a Nazarite, or performing priestly duties) I don't know if this was the reason, but doesn't it seem like Daniel was using foresight, realizing that if he and the other Hebrews started drinking around all of the other Babylonian boys, they might let their guard down and end up compromising their beliefs due to intoxication?

That's a good point to keep in mind, since alcohol is responsible alot of the time, when people end up getting involved in fornication or pornography. If Daniel (who wasn't even an adult at the time) could have enough maturity to realize he shouldn't allow himself to be put into a compromising situation or state of mind, than we should have enough sense to do the same thing.