Monday, May 17, 2010

Will You Be A Survivor of the Last Days?

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-I just uploaded a talk that gives some extra backround info about the social situation in the 1st century, during the "last days" of the Jewish system in Jerusalem which led to the tribulation and destruction of the city. -And how the apathetic attitude of the people back then, is very similar to the attitude of people today.
It definitely wasn't a *lack of evidence* that cost so many their lives, was a *lack of faith* in the evidence.
Also, it mentions an interesting point which I forgot....about how the people were actually *expecting* the Messiah during the specific time period when Jesus 'appeared on the scene' ... because anyone who believed in Bible prophecy regarding the Messiah, and was paying attention, would have been able to calculate the time frame of his arrival based on the account recorded in the book of Daniel.

(BTW - I'm trying to make sure I use discretion when it comes to posting talks online, since we had that article last month about "circulating" talks that may contain info which is out of date or only pertains to the local needs of our congregation, etc, so I just didn't want anyone to think I was disregarding or ignoring what was said in that article)