Friday, May 28, 2010

University Students Who Pursued the Ministry

The following experience is about 2 former university students, Altin Hoxha and Adrian Shkëmbi, (on pg 183 of the 2010 Yearbook) who really put the words of today's text into action.

Early in 1993, they were university students in Tiranë. (Albania) A friend talked to them for hours about what he was learning from Jehovah's Witnesses. Everything was supported by the Bible. Later they learned more, applied what they learned, and were baptized the same year. That summer, they went to preach in Kuçovë, where there were no publishers.
After returning to Tiranë, Adrian said to Altin: "What are we doing in school? Let's really get the work going in Kuçovë!"
Altin's response was, "Ok, let's go!" Seven months after their baptism, they were back in Kuçovë.
Jehovah richly blessed their efforts. Today over 90 publishers are active in Kuçovë. Some 25 Witnesses have left there to serve as pioneers or to serve at Bethel. Adrian and Altin conducted studies with many of them.
Thinking about the university, Altin smiles and says: "The apostle Paul decided not to pursue a worldly career, and in 1993, I made a similar decision. Never have I regretted saying, 'Ok, let's go!' "