Friday, May 14, 2010

daily text 5/14

Friday, May 14th, 2010
"You have brought something torn away, and the lame one, and the sick one; yes, you have brought it as a gift. Can I take pleasure in it at your hand?" Jehovah has said. (Malachi 1:13)

Paul admonished fellow believers: "Present your bodies a sacrifice living, holy, acceptable to God, a sacred service with your power of reason." (Romans 12:1) Those words may have reminded Jewish Christians of the sacrifices that were a feature of their worship before they became followers of Jesus. They would have known that under the Mosaic Law, animals offered on Jehovah's alter had to be the best available. Anything inferior was unacceptable. (Malachi 1:8) The same is true when we present our bodies 'a living sacrifice.' We give Jehovah our best, not merely what is left after we have satisfied all our personal desires. When we dedicate ourselves to God, we unreservedly give him our "souls," our lives—including our strength, assets, and abilities.—Colossians 3:23.
(Watchtower issue: 10/15/08, 5:11)

It's kind of strange that people would even bother worshiping God at all if they're not going to do it the correct way in which He requires. Because what would be the point?
I was reading a section in the 'Isaiah's Prophecy, Volume II ' book, which made a statement that really impresses on you just how serious an issue this is... Jehovah compares hypocritical or unsuitable acts of worship, to things which are actually considered destable or a crime under the Mosaic law.
(The following paragraph is on pg 393)...

Jehovah Hates Hypocritical Worship
As Isaiah contemplates his contemporaries, he is well aware that few have the disposition that Jehovah seeks in his worshipers. For this reason, apostate Jerusalem deserves her impending judgment. Note how Jehovah views worship taking place in her:

“The one slaughtering the bull is as one striking down a man. The one sacrificing the sheep is as one breaking the neck of a dog. The one offering up a gift—the blood of a pig! The one presenting a memorial of frankincense is as one saying a blessing with uncanny words. They are also the ones that have chosen their own ways, and in their disgusting things their very soul has taken a delight.”—Isaiah 66:3.

These words remind us of Jehovah’s words recorded in the first chapter of Isaiah. Jehovah there told his wayward people that their formal acts of worship not only failed to please him but actually caused his righteous anger to intensify because the worshipers were hypocritical. (Isaiah 1:11-17) Similarly, Jehovah now likens their offerings to heinous crimes. Their sacrificing a costly bull would no more appease Jehovah than would their murdering a human! Other sacrifices are likened to the offering up of a dog or a pig, animals that are unclean under the Mosaic Law and certainly unfit for sacrifice. (Leviticus 11:7, 27) Does Jehovah allow such religious hypocrisy to go unpunished?