Tuesday, May 11, 2010

daily text 5/11

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
"Quickly they forgot his works; they did not wait for his counsel." (Psalm 106:13)

Some may have left God's flock because they did not agree with some Scriptural teaching. It may be helpful to remind an inactive one that "the faithful and discreet slave" is dispensing excellent spiritual food. (Matthew 24:45) That is how the person originally learned the truth. So why should he not be determined to walk in the truth again? (2 John 4) When endeavoring to help those who have strayed from God's flock, the elder might refer to the disciples who abandoned Jesus because of rejecting one of his teachings. (John 6:53, 66) By cutting off association with Christ and his faithful followers, they lost their spirituality and their joy. Have those who stopped associating with the Christian congregation found another place where there is rich spiritual food? No, for there is none!
(Watchtower issue: 11/15/08, 2:10, 11)