Thursday, April 22, 2010

daily text 4/22

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
"My son, if your heart has become wise, my heart will rejoice, even mine." (Proverbs 23:15)

Contemplating Jehovah's creative works and reflecting on his wonderful and completely reliable promises should move you not only to make a dedication to Jehovah but also to symbolize that dedication by water immersion. Baptism is a vital step to be taken by those wanting to serve God. By taking this step, you enter a long-distance foot-race in which the rewards are everlasting life and the joy that comes now from doing God's will. (Hebrews 12:2, 3) You will also bring joy to your family members who are already in the race and to your friends in the Christian congregation. Most important of all, you will make Jehovah's heart rejoice. True, others may not understand why you have chosen to worship Jehovah, and they may question your decision. They may even oppose you. But you can successfully meet these challenges.
(Watchtower issue: 5/15/08, 4:7, 9)

There's quite a few scriptural accounts that demonstrate why it's so important to "get off the fence" and make a public dedication to *identify ourselves* as one of Jehovah's people...(such as the Passover account at Exodus 12:7 - where the Israelites were told to splash blood on the doorposts as a *visible* sign).
But there's another account (which we don't read as often), that also stood out to me in this regard. It was when Jehu was anointed king and he set out on a campaign to rid false worship out of the land. He arranged for a big celebration and assembly for all the Baal worshippers and *pretended* that he was going to worship Baal along with them. He even made them put on garments that publically/physically*identified* them as Baal worshippers (2 Kings 10:18-22)
Jehu then said:
“...Search carefully and see that there may be here with YOU none of the worshipers of Jehovah, but only the worshipers of Ba′al. (2 Kings 10:23)

But it was a trick. Because after making sure that no servant of Jehovah was on the premises, he had his men kill all the Baal worshippers and burn down the house of Baal and all the altars. -So that's another instance where being *publically identified* as one of Jehovah's people, saved their lives.