Thursday, April 8, 2010

3:00 AM Bible Study

This somewhat *unconventional* experience (on pgs 45-46 of the 2010 Yearbook) is a great example, demonstrating the kind of dedication we should all have when it comes to making time for 'spiritual' priorities, (as mentioned in today's text).

With the rapid spread of cell phones throughout Africa, it is said that a "communications revolution" is under way. As an incentive to subscribers, many companies provide free call time at certain hours of the night. A sister named Grace made use of this provision. She found it difficult to study with Monica, her Bible student, because Monica was always busy with other matters. Grace did all she could to continue the study, even arranging to go to Monica's house at 5:00 a.m. But Monica's schedule changed, and even this time was not practical. Then Grace thought of making use of the free night-call arrangement. Monica agreed, and they arranged to study over the phone at 4:00 a.m. They were disappointed to find that so many were already using the network at that time that it was almost impossible to get a connection. Thus, they arranged to get up even earlier so they could study at 3:00 a.m., although this was a challenge for these two working mothers. Grace says: "I prayed to Jehovah and asked him for the strength and desire to continue in order to sustain the interest of my student. I set my phone alarm and disciplined myself to get up at that time. Even though I was very tired, I did not allow that to discourage me." How happy she was that she had made the effort, as she was present to see Monica baptized at the 2008 "Guided By God's Spirit" District Convention! Recently, Grace has used the same free night-call method to study with a woman who has now begun attending meetings.

It's so encouraging to read experiences like this, since it shows how there are still people out there who have a deep appreciation for learning about Jehovah and the Bible, well as dedicated Witnesses who willingly adjust their own schedules in order to accomodate the individual needs and circumstances of their Bible students. I love that.