Sunday, March 14, 2010

Persistence in the Ministry Saves a Man's Life

this experience ties in great with today's text about the house-to-house ministry

(the following experience is on pgs 49-50 of the 2010 Yearbook)

While preaching from house to house, Gabino, a pioneer brother, came to a home and knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again and then a third time. After pausing, he knocked a fourth time. The door opened, and an anguished man stood there crying. He immediately invited Gabino in but could not talk because he was so upset. Gabino began to speak comfortingly about the good news, and the man calmed down. "Do you see that chair over there?" asked the man. "When you knocked the third time, I was standing on that chair. Do you see that rope up there? When you knocked the fourth time, I had the noose around my neck. But I took it off to answer the door. Thank you for your persisting because if you had not I would have hung myself." He explained that he was distraught over problems with his wife. Gabino made arrangements for a Bible study. Usually, this pioneer knocks only once or twice at a door. But this time his persistence, perhaps under angelic direction, brought fine results.

It's amazing how many times similar situations like this have happened. I've never experienced something so dramatic in the house-to-house ministry myself, but I can relate to that "pull" or "urge" to be persistent on certain occasions (even though that quality is out of character for my personality type).
Like I remember this one time when I was younger and we hadn't found anyone home all afternoon in the territory our car group was working, so all the adults were getting ready to leave, but for some reason I had this strong feeling that we needed to go to these two other houses on the street before we left. So I made my mom get back out of the car to come with me to those houses, and sure enough, the people were home at both and were interested in the Bible and accepted literature. I love when stuff like that happens.