Wednesday, March 10, 2010

daily text 3/10

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
"You have left the love you had at first." (Revelation 2:4)

When addressing the first-century Christian congregation in Ephesus, Jesus spoke of “the love you had at first.” The Ephesians had many good qualities, yet the love they once manifested for Jehovah had waned. Hence, Jesus told them: “I know your deeds, and your labor and endurance, and that you cannot bear bad men, and that you put those to the test who say they are apostles . . . You are also showing endurance, and you have borne up for my name’s sake and have not grown weary. Nevertheless, I hold this against you, that you have left the love you had at first.” (Revelation 2:2-4) Jesus’ counsel to the Ephesians and to other congregations he addressed in the book of Revelation has been fitting in view of conditions that existed for a time among anointed Christians from 1914 on. (Revelation 1:10) Yet, it is possible that even now some Christians may lose “the love [they] had at first” for Jehovah and for Christian truth.
(Watchtower issue: 6/15/08, 4:3, 4)

Here's an audio link to the 2008 Drama we had on this topic, that I uploaded awhile back.
Do Not Leave the Love You Had At First

It's interesting how gung-ho the Christians in Ephesus had initially been, (even taking such a big financial loss by burning all their expensive books on spiritism and magic), but they let their original zeal and love fade over time. Which just goes to show that our relationship with God is similar to the dynamics of any other relationship in life. If you start to neglect the person you're in a relationship with, by failing to keep your love, devotion, and appreciation for them alive,...your feelings can start to grow cold and fade over time, and eventually be replaced by other people or things in life. Love has to be continually cultivated, just like flowers in a garden,...or else weeds will eventually creep in.

Which is apparently what also happened to the disciple Demas. He started off well, but later on he ended up abandoning the apostle Paul and the ministry, because he began to love the things of the world, more than his relationship with mentioned here:
"De′mas has forsaken me because he loved the present system of things, and he has gone to Thes·sa·lo·ni′ca..." (2 Timothy 4:10)