Monday, March 8, 2010

12 Year Old Student Takes A Stand For Creation

the following article is on the back cover of the (9/09 Awake!)

When she was 12, a girl in Mexico named Aspen was asked by her biology teacher to explain to the seventh-grade class why she believed in creation instead of evolution. Aspen made a good defense, explaining that every organism has a perfect design, which proves the existence of a designer and creator. Knowing that Aspen's parents are geologists, the teacher then asked her to prepare and present information on whether the fossil record supports creation.

The next day Aspen took some sample fossils to school and told the class that the fossil record does not give evidence of gradual changes. She also explained that each group of fossils appears in a different geological era, corroborating the Genesis account of creative days.

The school principal was present and congratulated Aspen on her conviction and defense of creation. The biology teacher commented that creation makes everything clear, while evolution leaves many doubts. Aspen then left literature that provides scientific support for creation with her teacher, her fellow students, and the principal.

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