Monday, February 1, 2010

"Make Disciples of People of All the Nations"

This post is gonna be more of a photo montage, except for some brief excerpts taken from (chapter 9 of Come Be My Follower), and one funny experience included at the end, showing just how far Jesus' disciples are willing to go to teach people the Bible! =)

1963 'Around-the-World' convention (pg 277 - JW Proclaimers)

misc photos of international delegates around the world (pg 26, 2/15/10 WA)

Spread of Christianity in the 1st century (pg 744, Insight on the Scriptures Vol. 2)

"Go ... and Make Disciples"
When Jesus began his ministry in 29 C.E., he knew that he was starting a work that he would not finish on his own. In the short time he had left on earth, there was a limit to the area he could cover and the number of people he could reach with the Kingdom message...the rest of the world field would eventually have to be reached with the good news.—Matthew 13:38; 24:14.

127th Graduating Class of Gilead Missionaries (pg 31, 2/1/10 WA)

Jesus recognized that much work would remain to be done after his death. To his 11 faithful apostles, he said: “Most truly I say to you, He that exercises faith in me, that one also will do the works that I do; and he will do works greater than these, because I am going my way to the Father.” (John 14:12) Since the Son was returning to heaven, his followers—not just the apostles but also all future disciples—would have to carry on the preaching and teaching work. (John 17:20)

Slovenia, Ethiopia, Britain, Benin (photos & graph on pgs 24 & 25, 11/1/09 WA)

*PS -I noticed the website just added 5 more languages, so now it's up to 392 translations online

Romania, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Belgium, Uruguay, Fiji (pgs 572 & 573 - JW Proclaimers)

Jesus humbly acknowledged that their works would be “greater than” his. How so?
In three ways:
First, Jesus’ followers would cover more territory. Today their witnessing has reached the extremities of the earth, far beyond the borders of the land where Jesus himself preached. Second, they would reach more people. The small band of disciples Jesus left behind quickly grew into the thousands. (Acts 2:41; 4:4) Now they number into the millions, and hundreds of thousands of new ones are being baptized each year. Third, they would preach for a longer period of time—right down to this day, almost 2,000 years after Jesus’ ministry of three and a half years ended.

India (pg 16, 1986 Yearbook)

Hokkaido, Japan (pg 95, 1998 Yearbook)

Paraguay (pg 210, 1998 Yearbook)

Pawaga, Tanzania (pg 46, 2008 Yearbook)

Yap, Micronesia (pg 243, 1997 Yearbook)

Perm' Oblast, Russia (pg 246, 2008 Yearbook)

Villarrica, Paraguay (witnessing to a sugarcane harvester - pg 237, 1998 Yearbook)

A Commission That Involves Us
With the words “Go . . . and make disciples,” the resurrected Jesus placed a heavy responsibility upon his followers. He had in mind more than just the disciples who were present that spring day on the mountain in Galilee. The work he commissioned involves reaching “people of all the nations,” and it continues “until the conclusion of the system of things.” Clearly, this commission applies to all followers of Christ, including us today.
Jesus now outlines the commission, which begins with a single word: “Go.” (Verse 19) He thus calls upon us to take the initiative to reach others with the Kingdom message. In fulfilling this aspect of the commission, there is room for a variety of methods. Preaching from house to house is a most effective way to make personal contact with people. (Acts 20:20) We also look for opportunities to witness informally; we are eager to initiate a conversation about the good news wherever appropriate in the course of our daily life. Our specific methods of preaching may vary, being adapted to local needs and circumstances. One thing, though, remains the same: We “go” and search for deserving ones.—Matthew 10:11.

Botswana, South Africa (preaching hut-to-hut, and to a street vendor -pg 168, 2007 Yearbook)

Latvia (street witnessing in the city and in the rurals -pg 65 & 218, 2007 Yearbook)

Rotterdam, Netherlands (pg 56, 2007 Yearbook)

Brazil (witnessing to a deaf woman - pg 6, 2007 Yearbook)

Réunion (exhibiting publications to passerby - pg 65, 2007 Yearbook)

Nicaragua (teaching the Bible in the indigenous Mayangnan language)

Jesus assured his disciples that he would be with them in their ministry throughout the centuries to “the conclusion of the system of things.” Until the end comes, we must continue to carry out Jesus’ commission. Now is no time to slow down. An abundant spiritual harvest is in progress! Responsive ones are being gathered in great numbers. As followers of Christ, let us be determined to fulfill the weighty commission that has been entrusted to us. Let us be resolved to give of our time, energy, and resources to carry out Christ’s command: “Go . . . and make disciples.”

Romania (experience on pg 59, 2009 Yearbook)
A brother visited an acquaintance and discussed Scriptural matters with him and his wife. They were especially interested in hearing what the Bible teaches about the relationship between husband and wife, but they were hardly able to find time for Bible discussions. The couple valued a healthful lifestyle, and the husband had a routine of jogging five miles every day. After several attempts to continue the Scriptural discussions, the brother decided to ask the man if he could accompany him jogging. The man gladly agreed. However, the brother had no training and soon realized that witnessing and jogging at the same time is exhausting! "I managed to preach," the brother said, "in sportswear and without a Bible in my hand, quoting verses from memory." After several jogging sessions, this couple's interest increased, and a regular home Bible study was started with them. Now the man is an unbaptized publisher. He is zealous in the field ministry and is enrolled in the Theocratic Ministry School together with his son and daughter.

Now that's dedication! =)