Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well Isn't That Interesting...

I needed to make a correction to my previous post here...

Check out the book that this Government Official in Haiti is grasping in his left hand while giving this speech. (about 15-20 seconds in) Recognize it? =)
What Does the Bible Really Teach? is certainly making the rounds, eh?

-That's not the President of Haiti in this video.
And that's the last time I post something without verifying it first! My mom forwarded it to me so I'm blaming it on her. lol. just kidding. No, but seriously, be careful about forwarding emails from other Witnesses who might not have all the facts straight because thats how misinformation and rumours always end up getting spread around. Stick with info from the official website when it comes to newsupdates (unless it's from a source you can verify for sure) because at least when we get publications or updates from Bethel (in our literature or on the website), we know it's been verified, since the writing department is always really thorough about double-checking their facts before publishing or releasing info.