Thursday, January 14, 2010

Report on Earthquake in Haiti

Before I post the yearbook experience I was working on ... here's the JW-Media Report on Haiti in case you haven't read it. But just to summarize the main part, it said:

"Although direct communication to Haiti remains problematic at this time, preliminary reports are starting to be received at the Witnesses’ world headquarters in Brooklyn. The branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Haiti at Santo, near Port-au-Prince, reports no injuries among their personnel and no major structural damage to their buildings. Additionally, communication was established with Witness missionaries, and no injuries are reported among the missionaries or the traveling elders among Jehovah’s Witnesses who were visiting congregations in the affected areas. Sadly, preliminary reports confirm that 58 Witnesses lost their lives in the earthquake; that number is expected to rise as more reports are received."

I can't believe the branch office and the other buildings weren't damaged, that's amazing, because didn't they say on the news that every building received damage?