Tuesday, January 26, 2010

daiy text 1/26

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
"Pursue . . . godly devotion." (1 Timothy 6:11)

Devotion involves being ardently dedicated and loyal. One Bible dictionary notes that the Greek word translated “godly devotion” describes “the good and careful cherishing of the fear of God.” In our sinful state, we cannot manifest perfect godly devotion. But we can pursue it. This calls on us to follow Christ’s model as closely as possible. (1 Peter 2:21) Thus, we will not be like the hypocrites who ‘have a form of godly devotion but prove false to its power.’ (2 Timothy 3:5) This does not mean that true godly devotion has nothing to do with outward appearances. It certainly does. For instance, whether we are choosing a wedding dress or deciding what to wear while shopping, our appearance should always harmonize with our claim “to reverence God.” (1 Timothy 2:9, 10) Yes, the pursuit of godly devotion requires that we take God’s righteous standards into consideration in our daily lives.
(Watchtower issue: 06/15/08, 2:7, 9)

Our circuit overseer gave a good talk on this topic at an assembly awhile back, which applied to both men and women. He said to the audience "What if I walked on this stage wearing a nicely pressed suit and tie with flip-flops on my feet? Wouldn't my out-of-place, casual choice of footwear be a distraction to the audience?" He used that illustration to show how even a relatively minor choice can tarnish our overall 'presentable' appearance, taking away from the dignity of our message.
And for the sisters he made the point that although we all have the personal freedom to choose what we want to wear, (since the elders aren't going to "police" our wardrobe) lol, but wouldn't it be *the loving thing to do* to make sure we aren't wearing something which is so revealing and lowcut, or shows so much skin that it would cause a distraction to others, or put a temptation in front of our brothers? (who are there trying to concentrate on the program and learn about the Bible)

I really liked how instead of just *telling* the sisters what not to wear, he emphasized *the reason* behind it, by saying "would it be loving to put a temptation in front of your brothers like that?" Because when you think about how revealing clothing is nowadays, that's not
really hard to do, and if you happen to be a sister whose naturally 'busty' anyway, than it makes that advice even more important to take into consideration. I know it made me rethink some of my own clothing choices since, like most females, I tend to just think in terms of "oh, that's such a cute outfit!" lol.