Friday, January 29, 2010

daily text 1/29

Friday, January 29th, 2010
"Even until old age and gray-headedness, O God, do not leave me." (Psalm 71:18)

All in the congregation can benefit from associating with older Christians. Through study, observation, and experience, faithful older worshippers of Jehovah have accumulated priceless knowledge. They have learned to exercise patience and show empathy, and passing on what they have learned to the next generation brings them great joy and satisfaction. Younger ones, be wise and draw on this source of knowledge as you would draw up water from a deep well. (Proverbs 20:5) Do you let older ones know that you cherish them as Jehovah cherishes them? One way you can do so is by telling them how much you love them for their faithfulness and how you value their opinions. Moreover, by acting on what you learn from them, you demonstrate that your respect for them is sincere. Many elderly Christians can recall the wise advice they received from faithful older ones and how acting on it has benefited them throughout their lives. (Watchtower issue: 08/15/08, 4:5, 6)