Thursday, January 21, 2010

daily text 1/21

Thursday, January 21st, 2010
"You are bound to be like God, knowing good and bad." (Genesis 3:5)

The first human to choose not to follow Jehovah’s guidance was Eve, and her example shows how serious such a bad decision can be. She put herself in God’s place, making her own decisions as to good and evil rather than following Jehovah’s guidelines. Thus, she turned her back on Jehovah’s sovereignty. She wanted to be her own master. Her husband, Adam, pursued the same rebellious course. (Romans 5:12) Today, if we do not follow Jehovah’s guidance, we are likewise failing to acknowledge his sovereignty. Think, for example, of a person who develops the habit of watching pornography. If he is associated with the Christian congregation, he knows Jehovah’s guidelines on this matter. Unclean things should not even be mentioned, let alone be gazed at with lascivious enjoyment. (Ephesians 5:3) By rejecting Jehovah’s guidelines, such a man is denying Jehovah’s sovereignty, rejecting His headship.—1 Corinthians 11:3.
(Watchtower issue: 04/15/08, 2:8, 9)

-On a side note-
what's often overlooked about the account is that Adam and Eve weren't just rebellious and disloyal to God, they were also rebellious and disloyal to each other. Adam, (who was not deceived like Eve was) demonstrated by his rebellious actions, that his feelings for her were not based on genuine love, but on selfish attachment and attraction to her. Eve's actions also show that she did not genuinely love or respect Adam, because instead of consulting with him and telling him about what had happened and her new idea *before* she went off and did it, she made up her mind to do what she wanted to do without him, and then went behind his back and did it. Eve was aware of the fact that God had given Adam 'spiritual headship' over her, yet she overstepped that arrangement by trying to get him to follow her lead (instead of the other way around).

So with that in mind, if Adam (knowing he was the 'spiritual head') truly loved Eve and wanted to save her life, (despite putting him in such a predicament), why didn't he try to intercede in her behalf?...The same way Moses interceded on behalf of the Israelites after God said he was going to destroy them for their rebelliousness and disobedience? Jehovah listened to Moses and it saved the lives of those disobedient Israelites. Moses also interceded on behalf of his sister Miriam when she was struck with leprosy after speaking rebelliously against his authority, and Moses was able to turn Jehovah's anger back and heal Miriam.
Isn't that interesting?
But the fact that Adam didn't even *attempt* to implore Jehovah for favor in her behalf, in order to save her life, shows that he was far more concerned about his own personal loss, (thinking he might have to give up this beautiful woman he was attached to). That's not real love. When you truly love someone, you are more concerned about their long-term happiness & wellbeing, and doing what's in their best interest, rather than just wanting to keep them for yourself to enjoy.

And you just know that for the rest of their lives afterward, how bitter and angry Adam must have been at himself, and at Eve, everytime he was plowing the field, trying to work this horribly barren and unfertile land, while feeling his body start to age and breakdown, knowing he's getting older and eventually going to die...and looking at the woman who caused all this mess, who is starting to get older and not look so great anymore,...and realizing all the hardship his children and grandchildren are going to have to face and deal with from now on, (all because of his stupid and selfish decision), instead of getting to live in a gorgeous, lush paradise environment like he once enjoyed. I highly doubt Adam felt the same way about his beautiful bride as he once did, and I'm sure he let Eve 'know it' for the rest of their lives too! =)