Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blessings Result from Good Christian Conduct

the following info and photo on (pgs 166-167 & 155-156 of the 1994 Yearbook) showing why living by God's standards and applying his guidelines can benefit us even in unexpected circumstances.

(photo of missionaries serving in Haiti)

Good Citizenship Recognized
Jehovah’s Witnesses desire to help people understand why Jesus taught his disciples to pray: “Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place . . . upon earth.” (Matthew 6:10) They show their kindhearted and patient fellow Haitians that it is not God’s will for people to suffer hunger, sickness, and violence or to grow old and die. They explain that God’s will is for earth to become home to the new world—with a paradise that includes Haiti. And they are teaching people to be law-abiding and to lead good, honest lives so that they can qualify for everlasting life in that new world.

Many recognize the benefits the Witnesses bring to the nation by this work. When a murder was committed in Saint-Georges in 1984, people began hiding because the police started arresting them for questioning. However, Jehovah’s Witnesses continued preaching, and the police allowed them to circulate freely. Said one policeman: “Jehovah’s Witnesses preach about the end of wicked people. They are not the ones who committed this crime.”

During riots and demonstrations in 1991, people started looting in Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince, while two young sisters were witnessing in the same area. Two soldiers arrived and stood one at each end of a narrow lane, forcing the looters to pass them and receive strokes from a whip. And the sisters? Each holding a Watchtower, they walked toward one of the soldiers. Recognizing them as Witnesses, he let them pass unscathed, then resumed the whipping. It is as a military officer in Thomassique declared in 1991: ‘I know that the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ youths would not be involved in such riots and demonstrations and looting.’

An Unexpected Defender
Acts of opposition were mostly by officials who were incited or embarrassed into action by clergy propaganda. Some had their own prejudices. Their action was not an official government stand. The then recently deceased president of Haiti had studied with the Witnesses as a youth. Though he chose a different way of life, he still had respect for the brothers. What is more, the Witnesses’ honesty, political neutrality, and respect for law earned them the admiration of other highly placed persons. For example, a pioneer relates this experience:“As I offered magazines to two men in Port-au-Prince, one of them said: ‘If I had the authority, I would put all of you Jehovah’s Witnesses in prison.’ The other, a government minister, intervened before I could reply. He told the man that, from what he had seen in his travels and at religious ceremonies, all religions except Jehovah’s Witnesses mixed spiritism into their worship. Then he added: ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses are the ones practicing true Christianity.’”

*one more experience that was related just recently at the annual meeting (which took place either in Haiti or the Dominican Republic) about a sister named Denise whose a regular pioneer. There was a robbery at her workplace so she was called in to open the door because she had a key. The employer had everyone questioned even his own family,...everyone except for Denise because she's a Witness. The thief turned out to be the employer's sister-in-law. Nice.