Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unexpected Results in the Ministry

The following 2 experiences are from the 2009 Yearbook and I thought they were great examples of overcoming reluctancy in the ministry...which ties in with the service meeting parts this week: "Why Am I Afraid to Share My Faith?" & "Preach With Urgency!"

(photo & experience on pgs 56 & 57)

Reston, who had never used the direct approach to start Bible studies, decided to try it. Before knocking at the first door, he prayed briefly, asking Jehovah to help him be positive. Then he offered a Bible study directly to the householder, Andy, who accepted right away. Reston determined to bring him a copy of the book What Does the Bible Really Teach? later that day. On his way there by bus, Reston noticed that the driver was a man to whom he regularly delivered copies of The Watchtower and Awake! Encouraged by Andy's response that morning, he decided to offer the driver a free Bible study as soon as the bus reached its destination.

Meanwhile, an elderly passenger on the bus recognized Reston as a Witness and asked him to visit her sick friend to pray for her. Reston said that he would be happy to speak to her and pass on comfort from the Bible. Using the only copy of the Bible Teach book he had with him, he demonstrated to the passenger how a Bible study would help. This woman said that she wanted to have such a study. A young man sitting across from them listened to the conversation. He was interested in the pictures in the book. So Reston gladly gave him the book. When the bus reached its destination, Reston offered the driver a free home Bible study. To his surprise, the driver eagerly accepted and said that he had many questions about the Bible. Reston quickly visited a brother's home nearby to get another copy of the Bible Teach book and finally arrived at Andy's house later in the evening. Andy readily took the book. A Bible study was started, and Andy was soon applying what he learned. Andy and the bus driver are attending meetings, and Reston conducts 15 Bible studies, all started using the direct approach. He now makes sure that he has several copies of the Bible Teach book with him when he witnesses.

Canada (experience on pgs 48 & 49)
For many years Normand has worked in a metal refinery located in Montreal. During his work break, he regularly read the booklet Examining the Scriptures Daily in the cafeteria. His workmates saw him reading it, and some accepted his invitation to discuss the daily text. During these brief discussions, Normand particularly endeavored to apply the material to family life and human relations. A member of the management staff also attended a discussion and later called Normand into his office to commend him, saying that the discussions would have a positive effect on the lives of the employees and would promote better relationships.

When the number attending these discussions grew to over 30, management asked Normand to organize smaller groups in different locations in the refinery. He says: "At present, I am conducting three groups each day, which my workmates call daily reminders. They enjoy these discussions so much that when I am absent, one of them conducts in my place." (isn't that amazing?) "Then when I return, they question me on what they did not understand." Normand has been able to help his workmates reflect on Bible verse daily for the last five years. As a result, among his coworkers and their family members, over 40 have accepted the truth.

Isn't that so awesome?!? I love how we're going over the same info everyday in the daily text as our brothers and sisters all around the world, and it's even cooler to know that there are people who aren't even JW's doing the same thing at work everyday together also. =)