Saturday, December 26, 2009

daily text 12/26

Saturday, December 26th, 2009
"Clothe yourselves with love" (Colossians 3:14)

Do we ever catch ourselves saying something like “I am not prejudiced, but . . .” and then recounting some negative characteristics that we consider to be common among members of a certain ethnic group? Such feelings may reveal the need for us to rid ourselves of prejudice that we still harbor deep down. We might ask ourselves, ‘Do I make a regular effort to get to know people of a culture different from my own?’ Such self-examination may help us make improvements in accepting and appreciating our international brotherhood. The apostles Peter and Paul are fine examples of those who did adjust. (Acts 10:9-35; Galatians 1:13-20) There is no doubt that we too can make adjustments in our attitude with the help of Jehovah’s spirit. If we find that there are hidden traces of prejudice in us, let us work to root them out and to “observe the oneness of the spirit in the uniting bond of peace.”—Ephesians 4:3-6.
(Watchtower issue: 03/15/08, 5:13-15)