Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take a Tour of Betel di Roma (Rome Bethel)

These are photos from when my parents visited the Bethel Branch in Rome.
FYI-some of the photos are from the Bethel souvenir postcards...but I'm sure you'll be able to tell the

(Aerial view - buildings of Bethel 1 complex)

(Building No. 1)

(Aerial view of the farm complex)

(Aerial view of building No. 2 and factory)

(Entrance and reception of building No. 1)

(Lobby of building No. 2)

(Printing Factory/Warehouse)

(Learn From the Great Teacher Book -ready to be shipped)

(Front view of building No. 1)

(outside/courtyard area)

These photos show a miniature-scale model of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem that a brother made...

(Bethel tour guide)

(This brother, Armand, was a friend of my dad's from Philadelphia...they went to school together and they were also pioneer partners. He served at Brooklyn Bethel for awhile, and now him and his wife serve at the Bethel in Rome)
...and that concludes the tour of Betel di Roma!