Friday, November 6, 2009

daily text 11/06

Friday, November 6th, 2009
"You are the ones that have stuck with me in my trials." (Luke 22:28)

Over the years since the 1930’s, a few individuals have been called to a heavenly hope. Why? In some cases, it could be that they replaced individuals previously called who had become unfaithful. (Compare Revelation 3:16.) Paul even spoke of personal acquaintances who had left the truth. (Philippians 3:17-19) It seems, however, that not all who have been called to a heavenly hope since the 1930’s are replacements for ones who have fallen away. Jehovah has evidently made sure that we will have anointed Christians among us all through the final days of this system of things until the destruction of “Babylon the Great.” (Revelation 17:5) And we can be confident that the full number of 144,000 members will be completed in Jehovah’s due time and that all will eventually take their place in the Kingdom government.
(Watchtower issue: 01/15/08, 4:15, 16)

I noticed a scripture in Isaiah awhile back which really stood out to me for the first time in this regard...(don't quote me on this because I havent researched it thoroughly so I may be incorrect). But based on how it's worded, it almost seems to indicate that Jehovah would have needed to keep some slots open 'in reserve' for people of the nations who lived in distant lands which hadn't had the opportunity to hear 'the good news' at the time when the majority of the remaining members of the 144,000 anointed class had been selected. There's no use speculating of course, but it's a good tie-in scripture to today's text discussion, nonetheless...

"I am coming in order to collect all the nations and tongues together; and they will have to come and see my glory.” “And I will set among them a sign...the faraway islands who have not heard a report about me or seen my glory; and they will for certain tell about my glory among the nations. And they will actually bring all YOUR brothers out of all the nations as a gift to Jehovah,...“And from them also I shall take some for the priests, for the Levites."
(Isaiah 66:18-21)