Thursday, November 5, 2009

daily text 11/05

Thursday, November 5th, 2009
"Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing." (Psalm 139:16)

David, who penned those words, had no knowledge of cells and genes, being without even a microscope. But he correctly discerned that the development of his own body attested to advance planning. David may have had some knowledge of how embryos develop, so he could reason that each step must take place according to a preexisting design and timetable. In poetic language, he described this design as being “down in writing” in God’s “book.” Building instructions for your body are “written” in the chemical structure of your personal DNA. Every time your cells divide—to make new cells or to replace old cells—your DNA passes those instructions on, thereby keeping you alive and maintaining your basic appearance. What an outstanding example of the power and wisdom of our heavenly Maker!
(Watchtower issue: 06/15/07, 1:9-11)

The June Awake! issue on abortion has alot of good info on this topic. Unfortunately, it also mentions the following figures...which are very sad, and which demonstrate just how uninformed so many people are about the fact that life begins at conception. Or they know, but just don't care.

"A 2007 global study reported that in 2003 there were an estimated 42 million induced abortions worldwide"
"Consultations for emergency contraceptives - the famous morning-after pill - tripled in the last six months, [and] sales have increased more than 200% since 2004. Calls intensify on Mondays. Most are made by adolescents."