Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Is Going On Around Here???

First...why did Pauloyahoo's Youtube account get suspended when he has so many good videos? I'm upset!

Second...does everyone even know what's going on with kids in schools these days? Every parent & grandparent needs to watch the episode on Dr Phil last night, (which I actually didn't get to see, but my mom told me about it) because the situation is seriously out of control. Half of the kids in America will be pregnant or have AIDS and every other STD before they even graduate at the rate things are going. Some of these school kids are already 'technically' prostitutes, since they admit they're getting paid for it to buy drugs, etc. Not to mention the damage done to their reputation and their families, since they are allowing themselves to be photographed by other kids as they do it!
No wonder our Special edition Awake! magazine for October is so focused on helping families, because parents have no idea what their kids are doing (even at regular school dances -not just at clubs) ...Moral standards have completely been thrown under the bus in our society, yet I keep hearing people say: "we can teach our kids good moral values without God and the Bible" oh really? show me.