Friday, October 30, 2009

*Upcoming Special Assembly Day Reminder*

In case anyone missed this info...
they made an announcement at the meeting this week regarding our upcoming Special Assembly Day on Saturday, November 7th at North Canyon High School. They said if we are sick with the flu and contagious, we would want to show concern for the health of our brothers & sisters by staying home that day...since we can always attend the same program the following weekend if we're well by then. (Which will be held at Coronado H.S. on both Saturday & Sunday, November 14th & 15th) Or we can arrange for someone to record the program.
I always like to have the program recorded anyway, not only so I can listen to it again later, but because of my weird sleep issues I always have a hard time making it on time to the morning session. So I bought one of those little handheld MP3 recorders, (which are really cheap now, and have pretty good sound quality with alot of memory)...of course my family couldn't figure out how to use it during the District Convention this summer and I ended up having to get copies from someone else anyway! Nice.
I can't wait till our own Assembly Hall is finally finished so we'll get to have circuit assemblies there from now on, instead of renting different auditoriums everytime. They said it's coming along pretty well so far. Of course, I'll really have punctuality issues making it on time since Casa Grande is a much further drive!
Oh, one other point...they reminded everyone to try to lay off the heavy colognes and fragrances, since many brothers & sisters have such bad allergic reactions to chemicals and they end up missing out on the program because they get so sick from all the different smells and have to leave...which is sad.