Monday, October 5, 2009

A Military Orchestra Conductor Becomes A Pioneer

(experience of Alfred Tuček on pg 151 of the 2009 Yearbook - Lands of the Former Yugoslavia)

Many years ago in what is today known as Bosnia and Herzegovina, the conductor of the Royal Guards Orchestra, Alfred Tuček, received Bible literature from a colleague named Fritz Gröger. Possibly in the late 1920's, Alfred contacted the Lighthouse Society, ('The Lighthouse Society of Bible Students' was the former name Witnesses in Yugoslavia went by at that time) in Maribor, saying that he wanted to become a regular pioneer. In time, he became one of the first in Yugoslavia to pioneer. Despite his well-paying job as a conductor of the military orchestra, his love for Jehovah moved him to give up his employment and 'not look at the things behind.' (Luke 9:62) In the early 1930's, he traveled with the pioneer brothers from Germany and showed the "Photo-Drama of Creation." He also helped to make territory cards to organize the preaching work in Yugoslavia. In 1934 he married one of the German pioneers, Frida. Their first assignment was in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Later their preaching of the good news took them to parts of Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Serbia. In the beginning they did most of their traveling by bicycle, but later they used a motorbike. Although the good news at that time was not readily accepted and the preaching work was banned, they realized the importance of reaching as many people as possible.

*I'm gonna post some additional backround info on Yugoslavia since I really appreciate how much of a 'pioneer' spirit these Witnesses had for spear-heading the work of sharing the Bible's message, considering what they were up against and what they were willing to sacrifice (like well-paying jobs) in order to teach members of their community 'the truth'.
So many people don't realize what an important educational tool 'The Photo-Drama of Creation' was back then. It not only opened up the way for the preaching work in every country it was shown in, but it also provided hope, relief, and enlightenment to people of all religious denominations, by exposing false doctrines such as hellfire & purgatory, which has kept millions of people 'in the dark' spiritually, and in fear for so long.