Tuesday, October 13, 2009

daily text 10/13

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
"We have left our own things and followed you." (Luke 18:28)

Valmir, a Brazilian man living in the interior of Suriname, was a gold miner. He was an alcoholic who led an immoral life. Once when he was in a city, Jehovah’s Witnesses started to study the Bible with him. He studied every day, made many changes, and was soon baptized. When he saw that his work made it difficult to live in harmony with his newfound faith, he sold his lucrative business and moved back to Brazil to help his family find spiritual treasures. Upon learning Bible truth, many immigrants willingly give up jobs in affluent countries and go back to their homeland with the objective of helping their relatives and others spiritually. Such Kingdom publishers display a real evangelizing spirit. A number of Witnesses have been able to move to areas where the need for Kingdom preachers is greater. We may not be in a position to make such a move, but we can imitate Jesus by always doing our best in the ministry.
(Watchtower issue: 02/15/08, 4:4-6)

*isn't it amazing how something as *seemingly simple* as teaching a person about the Bible can result in such dramatic, positive changes for themselves and their family? Even someone who dislikes Jehovah's Witnesses (or Christian values in general), should be able to see what an overall benefit it is for society when people are taught God's standards of living...which shouldn't be underrated or overlooked. For this particular man, it solved 3 major problems which could have potentially contributed to other negative consequences down the road. Here's my 'one-thing-leads-to-another' scenario list:

Destructive Behavior - Averted By Studying the Bible:

-Alcoholism ... (aggressive behavior leading to violence, brawling, and domestic abuse; endangering the lives of others while driving under the influence; endangering his own life and the welfare of his family, from the long-term damage done to his health by repeated abuse of alcohol.)

-Immorality/Promiscuity ... (marital infidelity and the emotional damage caused to his wife and children resulting from it ... leading to a possible divorce or breakup of the family unit; a lifestyle which may have put him at risk for: unwanted pregnancies, AIDS, and STD's)

-Putting Career Before Family ... (greed; materialism; strain on marriage; children raised without a father, and the possible long-term effects of being raised in a dysfunctional family, which in turn would likely contribute to another generation of adults with serious destructive behaviors, passing those same values onto their children, etc)

The Bible sure is one mighty book, I tell ya! =)