Saturday, September 26, 2009


I wanted to mention something I found out which made me really happy (and right when I needed to hear some good news too!) I got a letter today from my aunt, who has been an 'inactive' Witness for many years now (mostly due to severe health problems which has kept her housebound for a long time)...letting me know that she went to the Memorial this year!

I'm so excited to hear that, because I've been corresponding with her and sending her the latest magazines and new publications released at recent conventions, hoping it would spark her interest and desire to come back, or at least listen to meetings on the conference line if she's too sick to go in I also got her the phone number of her old congregation, and one of the sister's who she used to know came to visit and encourage her.

Well I was wondering how she felt about it, but I didn't want to ask her directly or put her on the spot in case she wasn't interested anymore. But a few weeks before the day of the Memorial was coming up, I had this 'feeling' that she probably didn't have any new dressy clothes to wear (because it's been quite a long time since she's been to a congregation meeting). So me, my mom and my sister went shopping, and sent her some new dress clothes 'just in case' ... Well in her letter she said she was so glad we had sent her the new outfits right before the Memorial, because none of her old skirts fit her anymore, and she wouldn't have had anything to wear!
Cool huh? I'm so happy she went! =)