Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane - George & Linda Growing Up

These are photos of my mom and dad, and their families, growing up in Philadelphia...

(My mom's parents, John & Dora)

(1st photo-my grandpa and uncle ronny, 2nd photo -Linda & Ronny)

(Linda, Ronny, and their cousin)

(I love this photo, haha...my mom still does this)

(my grandma with mom and uncle)



I wanted to include the following photos of my mom's first boyfriend Charlie, who was her 'highschool sweetheart' that she went to the prom with. Even though she knew she shouldn't have started dating him in the first place because of a conflict of religious beliefs...(he was from a strict Catholic family who didn't like Jehovah's Witnesses) but in the end, my mom made the tough decision to put Jehovah first in her life by ending the relationship, and eventually married my dad, who was a fellow Jehovah's Witness...and it's a good thing she did, or I wouldn't be alive or typing this right now!
-And like mother like daughter, I also had a similar experience when I was in highschool. It wasn't as serious or as long of a relationship, and I should have never started dating him to begin with (knowing that he was Catholic as well, and our beliefs just weren't compatible), so I also chose to end it for the same reason. (2 Corinthians 6:14)

(Linda & Charlie going to prom, and then Charlie before going into the army)

(HS graduation day)

(Marsha Brady meets Cher in the ministry... lol)

My dad's family...
('Georgie' at 3 months)

(my dad and his younger brother Tim)

(1st photo -my grandma, gramps, dad and aunt Robin, 2nd photo -my dad and his brother Tim)

(My dad's old Kingdom Hall in Ridley Park, PA)

Nerd Alert! -my dad's goofing off here, but he actually had alot of theocratic responsibility at a very early age...back when there was a big shortage of brothers to 'take the lead' in many congregations. He was an assistant service/bookstudy conductor at 12, bookstudy conductor at 14, a congregation servant & ministry school conductor at 16, and appointed an elder by 23.

(out in the ministry ... and then bowling with the gang)

(my mom and 'the gang'...my Aunt Robin is on the bottom row 2nd from left, and my Uncle Tim is on the bottom right side)