Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Things Are Universal

Ok I was watching this NewsClip (from Belgium I think?) about the district convention, and even though I can't understand a word of it, there's one thing I understood perfectly...the unspoken, but clearly painful expression of the sister trying to smile for the camera at the very beginning of the clip. -Who at first, seems like she's having trouble walking (maybe from some sort of health issue perhaps), but no...I'd recognize that foot-shifting manuever anywhere! It happens to me everytime I wear the 'wrong shoes' ... It's the end of the day "ouch-my-feet-are-killing-me! why-did-I-wear-such-uncomfortable-shoes-to-the-convention??? Someone-needs-to-pull-the-car-around-right-now-and-pick-me-up!!!" look. hahaha
So there's a universal rule for all women ... ladies, wear comfortable shoes to the assembly! (and bring an extra pair with you for walking, if you're really smart) ... like all the 'smart' girls I see who put on slippers or flip-flops to wear while they walk from the parking lot to the arena. lol, that always cracks me up. =)