Sunday, September 27, 2009

Korean International Convention in Seoul

A sister who my mom knows from Texas, attended the International District Convention in Seoul, Korea...and here's a couple photos that she emailed to my mom.

She said in her email: "It was the best international we have ever been to. The Korean brothers and sisters are so friendly and hospitable that is was simply amazing. The sessions were in Korean and Japanese but were translated and broadcast over FM radio into 18 other languages, including English - each language on it's own channel - so we were able to hear the whole program in our own language."

Here's a photo slideshow/video I saw on Youtube:
Korean International Convention
I wonder what the attendance was?...because it looks huge! Did you notice in that video how they even had the baptism pools decked out like a little tropical island oasis? lol.

And this video clip was nice...I've never heard 'Kingdom Melodies' sung by Korean Choir Girls before!