Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How the Governing Body is Organized Today

(Brooklyn Bethel -photo on pg 352 of the JW Proclaimers Book)

(current group of Governing Body members, pg 110 of the "Bearing Thorough Witness" About God's Kingdom book)
Like the first-century Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses today are directed by a Governing Body of dedicated, spirit-anointed men representing the "the faithful and discreet slave." (Matthew 24:45) The Governing Body meets weekly as a group. Its members are also organized into the following six committees, each having its own responsibilities.

The Coordinators' Committee consists of the coordinators of each of the other committees and a secretary who is also a member of the Governing Body. It helps all the committees to operate smoothly and efficiently. This committee oversees legal matters and the use of the media when necessary to convey an accurate picture of our beliefs. It also responds to disasters, outbreaks of persecution, and other emergencies affecting Jehovah's Witnesses anywhere in the world.

The Personnel Committee oversees arrangements for the spiritual and personal welfare of the volunteers who serve in the branch offices of Jehovah's Witnesses earth wide. In addition, this committee supervises the inviting of additional volunteers to serve at branch offices.

The Publishing Committee supervises the printing, publishing, and shipping of Bible literature. It oversees the printeries and properties owned and operated by the corporations used by Jehovah's Witnesses and the construction of branch facilities, as well as Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls in lands with limited resources. This committee supervises the use of donated funds.

The Service Committee oversees the preaching work along with matters affecting congregation elders, traveling overseers, and full-time evangelizers. It supervises the preperation of Gilead School, for the training of missionaries, and students of the Ministerial Training School, designed for the instruction of unmarried congregation elders and ministerial servants.

The Teaching Committee oversees the instruction provided at assemblies, conventions, and congregation meetings, as well as the development of audio and video programs. It prepares curriculums for Gilead School, the Pioneer Service School, and other schools and arranges spiritual programs for branch office volunteers.

The Writing Committee supervises the production of spiritual food in written form for the congregations and for the general public. It also answers Bible questions, oversees translation work worldwide, and approves such material as drama scripts and talk outlines.

The Governing Body relies on God's holy spirit for direction. Its members do not regard themselves as the leaders of Jehovah's people. Rather, like all anointed Christians on earth, they "keep following the Lamb [Jesus Christ] no matter where he goes." (Revelation 14:4)