Monday, September 21, 2009

daily text 09/21

Monday, September 21st, 2009
"Persevere in prayer." (Romans 12:12)

A good routine of family study is essential. It may not be easy to establish such a study or to maintain it over time. One family head acknowledges: “If we could go back and change anything, it would be to make sure that we stuck to a good routine of family study from the start of our marriage.” He adds: “It is such a wonderful gift to observe the joy my wife expresses when moved by some spiritual gem we find together in our study.” Praying together is another aid. When husband and wife are united in the worship of Jehovah, their close relationship with God can strengthen the bond they enjoy in marriage. (James 4:8) One Christian husband explains: “Quickly apologizing for mistakes and mentioning those errors when praying together is a way of showing sincere sorrow over even a minor matter that causes upset.”—Ephesians 6:18.
(Watchtower issue: 03/15/08, 2:11, 12)