Friday, September 4, 2009

daily text 09/04

Friday, September 4th, 2009
"I have grown numb and become crushed to an extreme degree; I have roared due to the groaning of my heart. My own heart has palpitated heavily, my power has left me, and the light of my own eyes also is not with me." (Psalm 38:8, 10)

Are you experiencing distress? If so, you are not alone. Millions are struggling to cope with the day-to-day pressures of living in this wicked system of things. For some, it seems almost unbearable. As Christians, we are not surprised by the distresses of life. We understand that “pangs of distress” are part of the foretold sign of Jesus’ presence. (Mark 13:8; Matthew 24:3) The original-language word rendered “pangs of distress” refers to the intense pain experienced during childbirth. How accurately that describes the intensity of people’s suffering in these “critical,” or “fierce,” times that are so “hard to deal with”!—2 Timothy 3:1; Kingdom Interlinear. (Watchtower issue: 03/15/08, 3:1, 2)

*Well things are definitely "fierce" and "hard to deal with" fact it's so distinct and obvious, that I seriously can't believe my ears when people make comments to the effect that 'things are just as bad as they've always been', sorry I don't ever remember turning on the news and hearing the weird and crazy stories that I wake up to now, on a daily the scary things mothers on drugs or suffering from Postpartum Depression, are doing to their own children, or other women who stalk pregnant mothers and actually cut them open and steal their unborn babies for themselves. -Or like just now I turned on the news and there's (yet again) another homocide investigation of a man who shot 8 people who were his own family members, or the man in Thousand Oaks, CA who actually bit off another man's finger during one of the health care protests! Society is clearly going insane at a rapid rate, since those used to be the type of shocking news stories that only happened on the 'outskirts' of civilized society... but now they are happening right in the midst of it.

*Also, since healthcare is such a big concern which people are worried about right now, I'm gonna post a yearbook experience showing how 2 of our brothers who suffer from serious health disabilities are coping and dealing with their situation. Living in America, we often forget how much better off we are than so many others living in lands where they not only have NO health care benefits at all, but also have very limited access to knowledgeable medical professionals and decent medication & treatment options. We have a lot to be thankful and grateful for, and we shouldn't forget how much we take for granted when there are so many other people lacking 'the basics' right now.