Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yearbook Experiences - Funny, Odd & Random

*While I was looking for natural disaster/extreme weather-related experiences, I came across these funny ones in the 1986 Yearbook, and they are much too amusing not to post. =)

ITALY (pgs 25 & 26)
The good news must be preached with impartiality, not neglecting anyone, realizing that Jehovah sees what is in the heart. For many years there was a drunkard in Venice who was known as The Glassmaker. Under the influence of alcohol he would disrobe in public, and when the police tried to stop him he would throw himself against a shop window in the piazza, breaking the glass. From this he got his nickname. The apartment in which he lived was filthy. But when Witnesses called on him he showed genuine enthusiasm for the truth. The first return visit lasted three hours. Progress was fast. He stopped smoking and drinking. He got rid of his large collection of pornographic magazines. Soon he was at meetings. The brothers helped him to clean and paint his apartment. All of this resulted in a fine witness to neighbors and acquaintances. On meeting him at the Kingdom Hall, a former drinking companion of his said: ‘If The Glassmaker can change that much, then I too can become a Witness.’ He asked the brothers to visit him. How true it is that Jehovah’s ways are higher than man’s and God’s thoughts than man’s thoughts!—Isaiah 55:6-8

BURMA (pg 16)
When given opportunity to hear God’s Word, even some persecutors respond favorably. A special pioneer’s two sons, aged 10 and 7, were constantly harassed by their schoolmates for being Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their caps would be pulled off, their clothes were marked with ink and were cut, their schoolbooks were stolen, and sometimes the boys were beaten. Though the parents spoke to the teacher and the troublemakers were counseled, the harassing continued. Then one day the younger son took My Book of Bible Stories to school and witnessed to the boys. Even the bullies listened and became friendly. The parents were surprised one evening to see their sons coming home with five other boys, the former bullies. From then on, the boys regularly read the Bible Stories book with their schoolmates.

ZAIRE (pg 14)
A missionary reports that an 18-year-old girl began to study the Bible and attend congregation meetings. Soon her mother opposed what she was doing. (Matthew 10:36, 37) The girl was expelled from the house and told to go live with those with whom she studied the Bible. At the same time her mother accused her to a military official in the city, complaining that her daughter spent all her time studying and running to meetings instead of working at home. However, the official to whom she complained was also interested in the Bible and was being visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses. He asked the mother if she had chased her daughter out to be a thief or a prostitute like many others of her age. “Otherwise, do not hinder her Christian activities,” he said. “I officially authorize her today to attend all meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses and to continue her studies of the Bible. I condemn your unchristian action of chasing her from home. We are here to apply the law, and there is freedom of religion.” The girl returned home and continues to make progress in the truth.

FINLAND (pg 22)
The time has come for Jehovah’s name to be widely known, and no power can prevent it. The Finnish State Church is making a new translation of the Bible, one that carefully conceals the divine name. Meanwhile, a local newspaper reported this concerning recent renovations made in a church: “The scratching of old paint has led to the discovering of new findings in the church of Kuhmoinen. The word ‘Jehova’ has been found right above the altar. The fate of the word, which has caused some confusion, and the great wall painting, which was uncovered about a month ago, now lies in the hands of the parish council.” They decided to panel the wall, leaving the name and the painting behind it for future generations. But in every home in the township people discussed this matter. (I love how it backfires everytime. lol.)