Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's A Girl!

I went to my cousins baby shower yesterday afternoon...(which is why I didn't post a yearbook experience yesterday, sorry) See that lollipop looking treat? It's actually a cookie! They had all kinds of cute and creative desserts and decor at the shower. Even a cake-which from far away looked like a full-size, 3-tier wedding cake...but when you saw it close up, it was actually cloth diapers rolled & stacked on top of each other in a circular pattern, in the form of a cake. Isn't that such a creative idea? They also had a bunch of 'onesies' for the baby to wear after she's born (which should be sometime within the next 3 weeks) and a bunch of stencils & cloth paint markers so that all the guests could paint their own personal designs on it. She definitely won't be running out of newborn baby clothes, that's for sure! This will be my first baby cousin (of my older cousin and his wife) what do you call that?...1st cousin, once-removed? I think so.

*P.S. -For the next few days I'm gonna post yearbook experiences related to hurricanes or extreme-weather, since it seems like tropical storm activity is acting up right now, (not only in the US, but also in parts of Asia). So it will be helpful to hear about how other brothers and sisters have been able to deal with severe weather & natural disasters over the years.