Friday, August 28, 2009

daily text 08/28

Friday, August 28th, 2009
"Upon the young lion and the cobra you will tread; You will trample down the maned young lion and the big snake." (Psalm 91:13)

Using vivid imagery, the psalmist likens Satan’s tactics to those of a young lion or those of a cobra. Like a lion, Satan at times makes open, frontal attacks by means of persecution or legislative action against Jehovah’s people. (Psalm 94:20) Such lionlike attacks may cause a few to stumble. More often than not, however, these overt attacks backfire and result in a unifying of God’s people. What, though, of Satan’s more subtle, cobralike attacks? The Devil uses his superhuman intelligence to launch treacherous and deadly strikes like those of a poisonous snake from a hidden place. In this way, he has succeeded in poisoning the mind of some of God’s people, deceiving them into doing his will rather than Jehovah’s, with a tragic outcome. Happily, we are not ignorant of Satan’s designs.—2 Corinthians 2:11.
(Watchtower issue 10/1/07, 3:3, 4)

*this week's Biblestudy lesson from chapter 9 of the 'Keep Yourself In God's Love' book, gives the perfect example of Satan's most popular lure when attempting to get people to break their integrity to God's standards - which also tends to have the most success. He used the oldest trick in the book to ensnare the Israelites ... immorality. And they fell for it at the worst possible moment ...right when they were on the threshold of the Promised Land -getting ready to enter into it. That was the time when they should have been on guard the most, but instead, they let their guard down, and fell under the corrupting influence of the Moabite women and their low standards of morality.
This is another "deja vu" scenario ... since the very same thing is ensnaring people today. It's no coincidence that the entertainment industry is flooded with immorality (especially the internet) to the point that people have become so 'accustomed' to seeing it, that they hardly protest anymore, -but instead- buy into the popular 'new standard' of morality -hook, line, & sinker. It reminds me of that one statement someone made about how "dress standards have dropped so low, that pretty soon there won't be anything left for prostitutes to wear!" lol. thats so true though! But on a more serious note, on pg 30 of the new October Awake!, the 'Watching the World' section has 2 sobering statistics for parents to think about:

"About one-third of girls in the United States get pregnant before age 20" (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, U.S.A.) and...
"Children are confronted with harmful pornographic and violent Internet videos at an increasingly early age. According to Heinz-Peter Meidinger, chairman of the German Association of Philologists, boys 12 and older often know how and where to find Web sites featuring extreme violence or degrading pornography."