Tuesday, August 25, 2009

daily text 08/25

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
"All Scripture is inspired of God." (2 Timothy 3:16)

Jehovah saw fit to have a permanent record made of the earthly ministry of Jesus as well as His dealings with and counsel to first-century anointed Christians. Jehovah thus added the inspired Christian Greek Scriptures to the already existing inspired Hebrew Scriptures. The Hebrew Scriptures were written in the first place for the fleshly nation of Israel during the time that they had a special relationship with God. The Christian Greek Scriptures were written primarily for “the Israel of God,” those anointed as brothers of Christ and spiritual sons of God. (Galatians 6:16) Of course, that in no way suggests that non-Israelites could not derive great benefit from studying the Hebrew Scriptures. Similarly, Christians who are not anointed with holy spirit derive immeasurable benefits from studying and living according to the counsel found in the Christian Greek Scriptures.
(Watchtower issue: 01/15/08, 4:11)

*they are definitely interconnected ... you can't read one without the other if you really want a deep understanding of the Bible. I always notice that reading the Hebrew Scriptures, gives me a much clearer understanding of the Christian Greek Scriptures, and vice versa. Studying both helps to shed extra light on certain topics or points that you may have initially overlooked or not understood at first, and it adds so much more detail and backround info to the text as you're reading it. Plus, there's no way you could ever soak in any portion of the Bible thoroughly by reading it only once. It's kind of the same way when you're watching a movie for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time around, and you always pick up on extra little details that you never noticed the first time...and each new piece of info you learn ties everything closer together, giving you a clearer picture.