Sunday, August 9, 2009

daily text 08/09

Sunday, August 9th, 2009
"Woe for the earth."(Revelation 12:12)

The book of Revelation portrays Jesus as riding on a white horse and being given a crown. (Revelation 6:1-8) Jesus is pictured as going “forth conquering and to complete his conquest.” The account then shows that he is followed by riders seated on different-colored horses. These prophetically represent war, food shortages, and pestilence. We are seeing the fulfillment of this prophecy in our lifetime. Revelation chapter 12 provides further details concerning the establishment of God’s Kingdom in heaven. There we read of a battle in the invisible realm. Satan the Devil and his hordes are cast down to the earth. At that point, the account tells us, the Devil has great anger, “knowing he has a short period of time.” (Revelation 12:7-12) Clearly, then, the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom in heaven is followed by a period of time that is marked by increased “woe” for the earth and its inhabitants.
(Watchtower issue: 02/15/08, 5:5, 6)