Friday, August 7, 2009

daily text 08/07

Friday, August 7th, 2009
"We shall always be with the Lord." (1 Thessalonians 4:17)

Those of the anointed who still remain on earth are absolutely confident that if they remain faithful, they will soon receive the reward for their faithful course. Millions of other sheep, when contemplating the faith of their anointed brothers, agree with the words of the apostle Paul, who said of anointed brothers in Thessalonica: “We ourselves take pride in you among the congregations of God because of your endurance and faith in all your persecutions and the tribulations that you are bearing. This is a proof of the righteous judgment of God, leading to your being counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are indeed suffering.” (2 Thessalonians 1:3-5) With the passing of the last member of the anointed from the earth, whenever that will happen, God’s heavenly government will be complete. What a cause for joy that will be—both in heaven and on earth!
(Watchtower issue: 01/15/08, 4:17, 18)

*I've been thinking about this alot lately. I feel so much appreciation when I think of all the sacrifices and hardships our anointed brothers & sisters have been faithfully enduring all these years without complaint. It's all the more amazing when you stop and consider the ongoing resistance & persecution they've faced all along the way, yet they just keep right on going and continuing to do so much on behalf of all the congregations and the worldwide brotherhood -without a salary or any type of compensation, and without even expecting recognition for their efforts. It reminds me alot of the relationship between a child and parent. Children always love and depend on their parents growing up, but it's not until they become adults or parents themselves, that they fully appreciate just how much their parents have struggled and sacrificed for them over the years, in order to keep them sustained. That's exactly what the 'faithful and discreet slave' class of anointed brothers & sisters have been doing all this time, while we've been 'growing up' spiritually. Just think about the provisions they've worked so hard to set up, which has paved the way for the benefits and spiritual training & instruction we have available now...

*Bethel Branches & Printing Facilities/Language Translation teams
(which supplies all of our 'spiritual food' worldwide)
*Organizing & Planning Conventions & Assemblies Worldwide
(so we can meet together and enjoy the association of our brotherhood)
*Foreign Language Training Classes
*Sign Language and Braille translation and training
*Literacy classes (for those in lands with limited education)
*Gilead Missionary Training School
*Elder/Ministerial Training School programs
*Pioneer Service School
*Theocratic Ministry School (to help us become better speakers & teachers)
*Regional Building Committee (to coordinate and assist the construction projects and to provide on-the-job training to volunteer workers)
*Disaster Relief (for coming to the aid of brs & sisters during natural disasters)
*Hospital Liason Committee (for medical assistance & support, and educational tools dealing with bloodless surgery and procedures, etc)
*Legal Department (legal support to aid brs & sisters in lands under ban/persecution, etc)
*Media (the website plus all the video & audio material and downloads)
*Watchtower CD-Rom Research Library (for research material in one convenient place)

Plus everything else they've put into place to keep things organized and running smoothly & efficiently. They've arranged things so that we just need to 'show up' to receive the benefits.
Now that's what you call LOVE! =)