Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yearbook Experience - Pioneers in Fiji, & local experiences

(experience of Nagamma, Reshma and Ushla on pgs 63 & 64 of the 2009 Yearbook)

In a rural area, pioneers conduct their ministry on foot, traveling on roads that are either dusty or muddy. Nagamma and her daughter, Reshma, who are regular pioneers, invited Ushla, a blind sister, to accompany them and pioneer for a month. They would walk, one on each side of her, for many miles every day. A family sitting on their porch one humid day watched as the three sisters negotiated the puddles on the muddy road. They then saw the blind sister step in a puddle and splash mud on her leg. The sisters stopped to wipe her leg clean. Unable to control his curiosity, the father of the family called the sisters over. He said: "Every day we see you three walking. Where are you going?" They explained that they were going to conduct a Bible study. In response, he said that if their message was so important that they would walk that far to teach it to people, he wanted to hear it too! A study was started with this family.
Local Experiences
There are two encouraging experiences which were related by sisters during my congregation meeting that I wanted to share. The first one is really funny, and was actually told by a sister visiting our congregation from another state a few months back. (I had forgotton about it, but today's text discussion reminded me, since this is definitely an example of how persistent evangelizing can yield unexpected results!)
The sister who gave this comment was relating the story about how she had first learned the truth and became a Witness. She said for years she hated Jehovah's Witnesses and even had "no trespassing" signs posted every 10 feet around her property to keep us away. lol. Well she ended up moving to another house and within just a month of moving in, (before she even had a chance to put up her "no trespassing" signs around her new home) a very nice elderly couple came to her door and engaged her in a friendly discussion about the Bible and other topics of interest to her. Well apparently she didn't realize they were Jehovah's Witnesses right away (since she had alot of misconceptions about our religion and the kind of people we are, like alot of people do) -And she was so taken by their kind demeanor and by what she was learning, that she kept inviting them to come back. So before she knew it, she was having a regular Bible study with them, and eventually was baptized and became a Jehovah's Witness herself! lol isn't that funny?
This second experience was related this past Sunday, by an elderly pioneer sister in our hall who is so cool...I love her! She said she came across a woman in service who was interested in having a Bible study, but everytime she returned, she could never find the woman at home. Well before giving up, the sister said she prayed really hard about it this one morning, prior to going out in the ministry, because she really wanted to contact her again. So on her final attempt to find the woman, she caught her just in the nick of time, since the woman was getting ready to move...(there were literally moving vans outside her house that day when she finally found her!) And when the woman saw her, she ran and threw her arms around the sister and said she had been praying that she would find her before she moved, because she really wanted to study the Bible with her! So now this sister has the woman's new address and they've already had a few Bible studies so far. Isn't that awesome??? =)