Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yearbook Experience - Jailed For Preaching In India

(photo & experience on pgs 54 & 55 of the 2008 Yearbook)

In a town where there is severe opposition to the witnessing work, five sisters were jailed for four days because of preaching. Initially, the warden was rude to them and warned them not to preach Christianity inside the jail. However, as the days passed, she observed their mild, loving spirit and softened her stance. The sisters shared with other inmates and the warden some of the fruit and other food supplied to them by the brothers. One night, the warden overheard the sisters as they discussed points from the book Draw Close to Jehovah. Soon she began to join them in their discussions, sitting on a chair at the entrance to their cell. The day the sisters were released from jail, she lost a relative in death. The sisters were able to comfort her with the resurrection hope. Earlier, another warden inquired of them about the offense they had committed. One of the sisters explained that the preaching work was misunderstood as illegal conversion. Impressed by what she heard, the warden replied, "In spite of your situation, you speak so calmly. I am a short-tempered woman, and I feel ashamed in front of you. Please tell me when I sound harsh, and teach me to speak like you. I don't understand why such good people are put in jail." Whenever she had free time, she would join the sisters, saying "Now tell me more about the Bible. It really unburdens my heart." Two prison inmates, both facing a charge of murder, were also impressed with the Bible's message. The sisters cautiously witnessed to them and other prisoners. Now that they have been released, the sisters are seeking appropriate ways to follow up the interest found during their stay in jail.