Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yearbook Experiences - Antonio

(Antonio's experience on pgs 25 & 26 of the 2008 Yearbook)

this story really hit a nerve with me because even though I've got health issues too, I'm not physically confined to a wheelchair or totally dependant on a caretaker like he is, so whats my excuse for not doing more in the ministry?

"When I was just 19" recounts 59-year-old Antonio, who has been baptized for 37 years, "I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. It has been very frustrating to have a disease that has kept me totally disabled and confined to a wheelchair for 35 years. At times, I get discouraged. But staying busy in Christian activities to the extent that my health permits strengthens me." Seven years ago, Antonio's situation was further complicated by the death of his mother, who was taking care of him. How would Antonio cope? "Since then," he relates, "I have seen how Jehovah does not abandon his servants but provides the neccessary help. The congregation arranged for a brother to care for me, and some brothers contribute toward my basic needs." Antonio yearns for the time when all Kingdom promises will be fulfilled."